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  • PremieresA Hopeful Journey has its first premiere scheduled for July first at 296 Chad Brown Street, Providence RI @5PM. Come and join us for celebration and support.
  • Road To Liberia Fully Written scripts ready to shoot in Liberia includes: Abortion Church, Brave Citizens, Decision Night, and many other. Potential investors if interested can contact us for more details.
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A Hopeful Journey

A Hopeful Journey is a film (and soon to be a book) about the uncertainties of life's journey, where, for a bible believing Christian, this journey can be challenged to grow in faith. But the film sets out to tell us through its characters the promises described in the bible especially Isaiah 40:31 and the consequences that follows to those who disregard these promises and take matters into their own hands. As in the days of Abraham and Sarai, even into modern times Christian, have at time deviated from these promises and face with some everlasting consequences. The same is for the characters in A Hopeful Journey. This film, designed for the modern audience to challenge our faith about the God we believe and his promises in a modern world where faith is on the decline, marriages but on shaky grounds and sometimes for show or for the wrong reasons, relationships replaced by money and secular gains, sex becoming a token for covering dirty past, deceits and lies used to contain dangerous secrets and the like. A Hopeful Journey, asks many of these question and leave an open end for the Audience to answer them on their own term some of these issues and more. You will get to once more thinks about what it really means to be covered under the grace God.
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T2: Civl War

T2: Civil War or Temperamental 2: Civil War is web or TV series birth out of Africtimes' founder's first project Temperamental. The idea behind the film was too great to let is be forgotten. At a time where gun violence in schools and men deceiving each other for money and other dark fantasy, Temperamental is a film that tries to bring two lives together comparing them to one another in a way to one may ask himself "what if." What if Billy never met Ike what could have happened? Temperamental plays on this idea with a deeper narrative that you have to see the film to understand. After the production of Temperamental and realizing the production took some unforeseen set back that led the film to have to unwanted glitches like missing footages and more, T2: Civil War is the redemption project. Temperamental was sent to some professional in Hollywood to review it privately and after their feedback, T2: Civil War was born. Production is going on now. We are hoping to raise money for it through the Raffle we currently running. If you like what you've seen here and like to join our Raffle or donate to our cause please visit our Raffle page. And watch more video above about our upcoming projects. Thanks for visiting.
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Hills of Exile: The Flight

Hills of Exile Book One is considered the story of Isaac Kline. I want the audience to understand that this character, being a German born raise by a Jew family is only a package I chose to introduce Isaac Kline to the world. He could have been from anywhere, becoming anyone. I am fascinated by war and the act of it. Frankly I think there is a spiritual element to war that humanity has ignore. The fact we are cut differently from he same cloth should be an understanding to all that life it the same in most cases and your fellow man is not really your enemy. I intend to demonstrate that in my upcoming book Shadow to Light. It is a cruel world mostly messy from grown up loosing their beautiful innocence to the chaos around them that eventually sucks them in to become what they are in the end. Some actually become really reckless and dark. Anyway, not to side track too much from this topic, Hills of Exile Book One's theme is a man's search for redemption, now to expand on this theme Isaac Kline journey makes it that the man's search for redemption from his past involvement in WWII. But like have been saying this book is more than what you will expect. Hills of Exile is one that derived from the author's search for answers to his questions about life. Get ready for Book 2. Coming soon.
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Brave Citizen

The Brave Citizen is a Ebola film (Also being written as a novel). It tells a story about a few young men who job where to collect and dispose of the Ebola bodies. What you will come to expect out of this project is questions that you as the audience will be forced to ask yourself. Written to get you into the story The Brave Citizen opens you to the personal world of these men; where their dreams, ambitions and family life is threatened by their jobs and how they coped with the social and political norm of their country in the wake of such perilous times as Ebola tries to grab at them in all dimensions. These men have high aims at life, some even hoping to one day be the president and begin the change they dream about. Will Ebola allow them? Will the political and social climate be favorable to them? The Brave Citizen production begins this fall in Liberia. We are currently running a Raffle and a donation campaign to help raise money for this project. Please donate or join our Raffle the help accelerate this project or contact us if you are an investor trying to know more.
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Abortion Church

We’re raising money for "The Abortion Church." This story is set in post war Liberia. The story of the Liberian war was between the Krahn and Gio tribes, which also intermarriage before the war. By the end of the war it is said that both tribes killed each other in a brutal way where men killed their wives and their children because they were of the other tribe. Now, the Abortion Church is set post-war in a village that did intermarriage during the war and did as mentioned above to each other. The problem now is the intermarriage is among the newer generation who really did not know anything about the war. But their love would be challenged by the parents who still harbored a lot of unsettled and secret pains from the war. However, they all went to the same church knowing very well they hated their neighbor. Now a deacon in the church, who son was killed by the other tribe took his daughter for a portion because she was carrying a baby for the other tribe. In the process of carrying out the abortion his daughter became posses with evil spirit and is now exhuming every long time buried wounds the church had concealed under the umbrella of worship, knowing very well they could not stand their neighbor. “Abortion Church,” Don’t let the god evil out. Coming soon.
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