Africtimes Multimedia Studio
Amplifying Africa On A World Scale
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    About Us
    A Multifaceted Production Studio with departments ranging from movie, to book, magazine, animation, audio book, illustrated book and more. We want to bring back some old fashion entertainment but in a new style and couple them with other forms of entertainments and art. We have began our expansion which is already established in the United States and Liberia. Our goal as a multifaceted, multimedia studio is to build each department to function on its own. Our service has a good list of these projects but as we grow the list will grow.
    The Africtimes Idea: A network of unified body of art and entertainment enthusiasts from around Africa and the world. Our goal is to use art to carve into the future by creating contents that sets a new standard for entertainment, education and more on an unprecedented level. Africtimes Multimedia is company, expanding internationally beginning with Liberia with an overall vision of simple yet mind-blowing entertainment, through contents that will educates, ask groundbreaking questions while still remaining intone to entertainment, which is our core concept. Our works, which range from filmmaking, Book Writing, Music etc are not limited to specific genre of production. From religious to graphic projects, our minds remain open to new possibilities of arts—entertainment and fun.
    Africtimes Crew
    We are building our team from the ground up. Our staffs profiles in the works. Coming Soon… Africtimes Multimedia is revamping itself to align with our upcoming growth. Thanks for your interest.

    Coming Soon…

    Employment at Africtimes Multimedia Studio is coming soon. If your are base in Liberia please submit a form for review by contacting us. Please see the Audition Slip for more details.

    Movie | Book | Music | Animation | Documentary | Arts and many more.

    Our Book and Movie services are ready for your order.