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We are a full production Studio, ready for any of your projects no matter the size. We shoot all types of film and video projects. Short Films, long film, cinema projects, music video, wedding Television series and more. Contact us today for an estimate and the full list of our services.

Some of Our Services:

  • Film: Pre and Post Production
  • Film and Video Editing
  • Music Video Shoot and Edit
  • Documentary

  • Productions Assistant/help
  • Wedding Video
  • Events
  • And More

Have a movie project or an event that you need our video services? Contact Us for Estimate

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The entire movie was shot in Liberia. Coming Soon…

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  • CastsJoy Richard | Smith Montgomery | Celius Johnson and more…
  • SummaryA community comfortable with rape, wakes up to the reality that a little girl, who refuses to be a victim of that comfort by challenging her step-father who was a notorious rapist with a bloody knife. All hell will break loose. Not only because of her bravery and the shock and fear it sent throughout the community and into the heart of all men, but what she has also did. Rape, Coming Soon…
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You see more of our videos contents on Youtube or Contact our office for a code to submit a request if you have a project to shoot.

Movies are one of our many passion. We are a full production house ready to shoot your movie from a simple idea to a finished work for the big Screen.
Africtimes Films
No idea is too sall or big. Our expert will work with you at whatever level of your journey.
Africtimes Team
Quality delivered. Our Standard.

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